New for 2016, GM Vintage is proud to offer pre painted and aged Fender style bodies and necks. The bodies feature correct 50s and 60s contours, router pin dowels, and teles feature the correct hump in the cutaway. We paint them the same way Fender did back in the glory days….yellow stain, sealer, desert sand or off white primer, accurate custom colors and top coat….all 100% nitro lacquer.

We will keep a small stock of raw bodies here for quick turnaround as well as pre painted bodies and necks for immediate shipment. Get the custom color strat, tele, J or P bass you have always wanted without the long wait!

Alder strat, tele, jazzmaster, jaguar body in sunburst, blonde or custom color- $825
Ash strat, tele, jazzmaster, jaguar body in sunburst, blonde or custom color- $850
Alder P or J bass body in sunburst, blonde or custom color- $850
Ash P or J bass body in sunburst, blonde or custom color- $875

Guitar neck, rosewood fingerboard, clay dots, roundover- $500
Guitar neck, maple board, roundover- $450
Bass neck, rosewood fingerboard, clay dots, roundover- $525
Bass neck, maple board, roundover- $475

Allparts Tele custom body with aged nitro 3 tone sunburst on a nice straight grained alder body.Vintage correct white celluloid binding..Has correct routes and router pin dowels.Nice medium light weight of 4 & 1/2 pounds ( finished guitar will be 7 & 1/2 pounds) Nice partially fade 3 tone sunburst with realistic lacquer checking.. Parts and neck are for illustrative purposes only and are not included. Priced at $800 US

Gibson Les Paul collector’s choice # 30A-180 “Gabby” appraisal burst (SOLD)

A faithful recreation of Vic DaPra’s iconic 1959 LP “Gabby” Rich unfaded burst finish with minimal wear like the original. Upgraded with RS vintage spec pots and capacitors. Weighs in at 9 pounds , 1 ounce. Complete with custom shop brown Lifton reissue case and all paperwork. On consignment. Asking price $7500 USD

Gibson Les Paul collector’s choice # 36-005 “Goldfinger” (SOLD)

A faithful replica of Charley Daughtry’s 1957 goldtop nicknamed Goldfinger due to it’s unusual wear spot in the cutaway. Upgraded with RS vintage spec pots and capacitors. Nice woods and convincing lacquer checking, Weighs in at 8 pounds 8 ounces. Complete with aged custom shop Costa Rican case (more accurate interior) and all original paperwork. On consignment, priced at $6000 USD

Allparts rosewood Tele neck painted with aged thin nitro finish by GM Vintage. We gave this neck the full treatment…..lovely dark rosewood veneer fingerboard with comfy roundover and real clay dots…feels and looks like a 55 year old Fender neck.Vintage style frets.Ready for your favourite decal to be installed.. Priced at $450 USD

(SOLD) B Hefner swamp ash Tele body with heavily checked nitro blonde paint by GM Vintage. If you are a fan of heavy checking you’ll dig this one, almost looks weather damaged. Very accurate mid 50’s style body with correct router pin dowels, nail holes etc. Medium light weight at 4 pounds 8 ounces ( finished guitar will be 7 & 1/2 pounds) More edge wear and forearm wear can be done if buyer requests. priced at $850 USD

(SOLD) B Hefner early 50’s Tele neck. If you like big necks this one is for you….a full U shape that measures almost a full inch at first fret…..very similar to early broadcaster and nocaster necks in profile. Very thin aged nitro paint by GM Vintage with realistic fingerboard and back wear.Frets are just a bit bigger than vintage, almost the same as Dunlop 6105’s. Comer complete with Kluson ferrules and an aged bone nut.Presently has an esquire decal on it. Priced at $450 USD

(SOLD) B Hefner Stratocaster body finished in aged Sonic Blue over Desert Sand nitro by GM Vintage.Correct early 60s contours with nail holes, router pin dowels etc. Nice light weight of 4 pounds ( finished guitar will weigh 7 & 1/2 pounds) Very realistic lacquer checking and edge wear. Looks killer with an aged green or parchment guard.Price $850 US. We have more bodies coming soon, contact us with your particular needs

website strat and tele 010

(SOLD) Early 60s alder strat body- Beautiful aged Sea Foam Green over desert sand primer, correct factory tooling marks, nail holes etc. Realistic lacquer checking and wear………..$825

web geetars 013

(SOLD) Mid 50s swamp ash tele body- lightweight swamp ash body with all correct tooling marks, cutaway hump etc. Beautiful aged blonde finish with realistic lacquer checking and wear…………$850