GM Vintage is proud to be the North American distributor for both Montreux and Retrovibe aged Gibson style parts. Both companies were founded by Mr. JK of Japan, a leading vintage parts authority.

All products are made from molds of original 50s and 60s Gibson parts… not only will they fit right, but they also have correct vintage bevels, colors and thickness. The ultimate line of vintage reproduction parts at prices that won’t break the bank!

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All products available through GM Vintage
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Super detailed parts to return your favorite guitar to the golden era.

Montreux Time Machine Collection is a series of parts faithfully reproducing in detail those that were attached to the exquisite devices of ’50s and ’60s and are now hardly to obtain. This is so made with a size taken from the original that its outline, and its dimension and angle of edge are reproduced with accuracy. Also, the materials and the surface treatment are greatly considered to reproduce the color and texture comparing favorably with that of the original. Montreux Time Machine Collection is the ultimate vintage replica parts in which the quality is maintained for all points without making compromises and the price preferable to the user is achieved.

Note: Please be reminded that there are differences in the relic specification between the individual pieces because of being completely hand-made.

Time Machine Collection

The most historically accurate, vintage correct collection of Gibson and Fender style guitar parts available. Many Time Machine parts are made from molds of original late 50s-early 60s parts...ensuring that details like number size and letter font are spot on to the originals. Whenever possible , the Time Machine parts are made from the exact same materials as the originals... in many cases utilizing manufacturing techniques that have gone by the wayside, but produce a more historically accurate product.If you want the most vintage accurate parts available for your Les Paul or Stratocaster, choose the Time Machine collection.

Retrovibe Parts

Vintage cool on a budget! Retrovibe items are designed for the customer who wants aged parts for his or her guitar, but doesn't necessarily need something 100% vintage accurate.Aftermarket parts which are convincingly aged in Japan by Montreux and made available at a more budget conscious price.