Our Favorite Links

Montreux Guitars – Montreux parts are selected for their faithfulness to original 50’s and 60’s parts in terms of color, texture and proper dimensions.

Vintage Clone Parts – Made in Japan to exacting standards using molds of original 50’s and 60’s parts, Vintage Clone parts are the closest you can get to the real thing.

Custom Electric Guitars and Amplifiers – Trimmed -n- Burnin’ Amps & Guitars

Randy’s Guitars – Need real single-line Kluson strat tuners or a zebra PAF, and have the deep pockets to support your sick obsession?? ( I should talk!!) Randy Peterson is the professor of all things Gibson and Fender….huge knowledge, helpful, honest, and fair prices…

Dan Yablonka Guitars – Vintage Guitar collector, dealer, and enthusiast. Dan has written several articles on the VG industry and is a happy customer of GM Vintage

Sheptone Pickups –  Custom wound hand built guitar pickups

300 Guitars –  …a way cool online publication dedicated to all things guitar. Check out the great work of my friend Billy Penn