Price Schedule

January, 2014 Price List

Dear customers,

Due to the rising cost of raw materials and the current parity of the US and Canadian dollar as compared to previous years when your dollar kicked our butt, we have decided it is necessary to raise our prices about 5% . We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

All prices include stripping your old finish, prepping for new paint and applying an aged nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Paint jobs on Fender guitars include correct yellow dye,fullerplast, Desert Sand or off-white primer where applicable, accurate color coat and ambered top coat. Neck finish prices include the period correct decal with real bronzing powder logo as per original. (Please note we cannot supply Fender decals for non-Fender necks). Gibson finishes utilize period correct aniline dyes, bronzing powders and dye tinted pore fillers for that authentic burst “bleed” look. Les Paul finishes also include silkscreening or decals where applicable.

We can also do new finishes, finishes on archtops and acoustics, custom paint jobs etc. Please contact us for an accurate quote.

It generally takes 4-6 hours to strip and prep a Fender body and about 12 hours to prep a Les Paul. Some finishes such as catalyzed polys can take much longer to strip. If you guitar has this type of finish, we will call you to discuss options.

Specialized jobs such as pickguard repair, changing inlays, parts aging, aging existing Gibson and Fender finishes etc., will be charged my normal shop rate of $90.00USD per hour. An average guard repair would take 3-4 hours and aging an existing LP finish and parts is approximately 5 hours. Please phone for an estimate for the work you want done.

Fender Paint Prices – Bodies

Blonde or Butterscotch


Authentic Custom Colors


2 or 3 Tone Sunburst


Fender Paint Prices – Necks

Rosewood Necks


Maple Necks


Gibson Paint Prices

LP Goldtop Finishes


LP Burst Finishes


LP TV Finish


SG ( cherry) Finish


ES 335, 330 etc