Project Description

I’m a fan of Rock-A-Billy, so I’ve always loved ES-295s. I scored this guitar pretty cheap off ebay because it was refinished and the headstock had been broken. The neck was replaced with a late 60’s ES-175 neck… unfortunately, whoever did the job in England set the neck at much too steep of an angle… the bridge was almost 2 inches off the top!

Since the neck had to come off anyway, we decided to reshape the headstock to 50’s contours and remove the ugly volute. We dowelled the tuner holes, redrilled to 1950’s spacing and reshot the headstock in black lacquer. You can’t tell it was done.

The body was stripped of its poly finish and reshot in the nitro lacquer using the correct bronzing powder to produce an authentic aged 50’s goldtop look. I sourced an original tailpiece and tuners… now she’s back to 100%.

Pretty cool, huh?