Gibson Bursts


Two Different Bursts…

…waiting for aging and assembly.

Faded Ice Tea – Greenburst

This finish example features a faded ice tea/greenburst with a faded red back. With the exception of the M69 rings, every part on the guitar is original from the 50s, including the PAF pickups. Currently my main squeeze!

1959 Les Paul Conversion

Here is a 59 Les Paul conversion I did in a faded cherry sunburst for Brian Virts. Brian sent me his favourite picture from the Toneman book and this is what I duplicated. It turned out quite nicely…

Faded Cherryburst

Here’s an example of a very thin nitro faded cherryburst/ teaburst finish with realistic lacquer checking. The back and neck are done in a faded cherry finish utilizing the correct pore filler to capture the proper look.

59 Les Paul Conversion

This is a LP conversion that I just finished for John Heuring of New York state. John is a great guy who specified a finish close to the “Thelma burst” …a 59 owned by Tom Keifer of Cinderella. It’s a cool look… a faded Ice tea burst with a fair bit of green in the upper […]

1952/59 Gibson Les Paul Conversion

Here is a 52-59 conversion we did for my friend Bill Pandolfi of Florida. Bill wanted a very faded teaburst similar to the Peter Green burst. What looks to be a once piece top is actually a very well matched off centre seam. This one was a lot of fun to do and the finished […]

Lemon Drop Les Paul – Billy Duffy


Here is a lemon drop Les Paul we recently did for Billy Duffy of the Cult. Billy specified almost no color at all and moderate aging. We also outfitted this guitar with Montreux parts.

Custom Shop Les Paul Standard – refinish, top recarve, and new Braz board


This is a custom shop Les Paul that Paul Stanley gave me, he has a sister guitar made from the same maple board. We did a complete makeover on this guitar……more pronounced top recarve, correct off white royalite binding, quartersawn Brazilian board with genuine cellulose inlats and reassembly with hide glue. It is a killer […]

Custom Shop Les Paul Standard # 2 – refinish, top recarve, and new Braz board, and Bigsby

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This is a complete conversion that we just finished. We installed a new top, quartersawn old growth fingerboard with correct cellulose inlays, royalite binding, removed the truss-rod “condom”, and reassembled with hide glue. Many of the parts on this particular guitar are vintage, including the bigsby.