Project Description

About a year ago, I was poking around a local music store and found an early 50’s Gibson neck lying behind the counter. It had a huge rounded profile, Brazilian rosewood board with pearloid dots, and gold silkscreened logo. It was screaming to be made into a Junior. There was just one problem: a Junior has 22 frets and this neck only had 18.

We actually grafted a new long-tenon heel on the end of the neck and fitted a Brazilian rosewood extension onto the end of the existing fingerboard. The job was pretty much undetectable (see photo).

We then built a beautiful Junior body out of single lightweight piece of Honduras mahogony and glued the neck on as per 1950’s specs. The body was finished in a thin nitro lacquer Junior burst, with the new finish blending in with the original neck finish. All parts are original 1950’s and the guitar weighs 6 1/2 pounds. With a screaming 8.7K P-90, this guitar has all the sound and vibe of any real Junior.