Project Description

I’ve always loved orange Gretsches with DeArmonds. This guitar left the factory as a sunburst Double Anniversary. When I got it, it sported a metallic green finish. When I stripped it I was in for a nasty shock… both the headstock and the heel had been cracked and repaired with a dark epoxy. The neck was stable but looked like hell! This one was a challenge… to mix paint to match the bare maple and then painstakingly paint in the grain lines with a tiny brush. I’m really happy with how this turned out – the repair is invisible under the orange stain.
We added an NOS 6120 headstock overlay and bound it as per factory specifications, along with the F-holes. After finishing with Gretsch orange lacquer, we installed the DeArmonds and the 1950s 6120 pick guard I acquired. Add an old Bigsby and jewelled cowboy strap and voila… a Rock-A-Billy classic!