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The Beermaster Project

Paying homage to two of my favourite things, Fender blonde piggyback amps and…BEER!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Beermaster! Proof positive that lacquer fumes can cause brain damage! The matching extension cabinet serves absolutely no purpose other than everyone knows a stack is way cooler than a single cabinet! I still can’t believe […]

1961 Fender Jazz Bass – Surf Green

Here’s a surf green J bass body that we did for John Bergen. John had all the parts for a 1961 bass except for the body. He got a great repro body done up and we aged the body to match his original finish neck. Looking good John!

Sherwood Green Telecaster Restoration

Here is a cool tele we restored for all around good egg Steve Spaulding. This guitar had some serious issues, someone one had turned it into a double cutaway and the headstock finish was gone.After the body was restored with aged ash, Steve decided to have some fun and picked Sherwood green over desert sand […]

1966 Fender Stratocaster

This is one of the more unusual challenging jobs I have tackled lately. This heavily worn 66 strat had the original dark amber finish on the back but the top and sides were poorly refinished. This was actually like 3 or 4 mini airbrush paintjobs to get this effect but I am quite happy with […]

Gretsch White Falcon

Here is a brand new Gretsch White Falcon we just redid for a customer. We stripped off all the poly finish and applied an ambered white nitro finish with authentic looking neck wear and lacquer checking. We also helped him locate all the period correct parts for it and aged the plastic and gold hardware. […]

Butterscotch Fender Telecaster

Here is a butterscotch tele with heavier lacquer checking.

Fiesta Red Fender Custom Shop Bass

This is a Fender custom shop bass we redid in aged Fiesta Red for a customer.

Tuxedo Tele Custom

Here is a really cool tele custom we did based on the rare “tuxedo” custom from the late 60s.The black binding looks really sharp with the lightly aged Olympic White.

Burgundy Mist Fender Custom Shop J-Bass

This is another Fender custom shop J bass that we redid in Burgundy Mist over period correct Desert Sand primer. This one is a real looker!

Pair of Tele Customs

Telecaster customs are arguably the sexiest guitars Fender ever produced.
Here are a pair from 1959… one in Sonic Blue and one in 2 tone sunburst.