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//Fender & Others

1956 Fender Stratocaster

This guitar was a neck and body refin we did for my friend Charlie from Seattle. Charlie wanted a look with less wear that was still lacquer checked. I also had to work around a few big dings that we found in the body. We did a minimum of fingerboard wear to recreate the look […]

Sean Kilback Flame Maple Custom P-90 T-Style Guitar

Once in a while we have to deal with one of those weird people who want their guitar to look new instead of beat-up… to each his own, haha!

This semi-hollow guitar was made by my good friend Sean Kilback here on Vancouver Island. Sean is a guru of amp mods and circuit restoration, and you […]

Trimmed + Burning Reso Tele

This guitar is a custom resonator Tele build by my good friend Shannon Coberly at Trimmed + Burnin’ Guitars and Amps in Washington State. Shannon sends a lot of his Reso Teles to Nashville. He is a consummate craftsman and demands very high quality in his paint jobs. He was my first steady customer and […]

Trimmed + Burning Flame Maple Amp Cab

Once in a while Shannon gets an order for an exotic wood amp cab… this is a flame maple one that we sunbursted for him.

1957 Fender Stratocaster

Here’s a 57 strat I redid for┬áJohn Morrow – a great guy with a great guitar collection. John bought it from the original owner who bought it new. Somewhere along the way, this misguided soul (first owner- not John!)┬ádecided it would look better in metallic copper spraypaint…wish someone had told him the guitar could be […]

Fender – Custom Colors


Here is an assortment of vintage Fenders we did in original custom colors. Taking advantage of a sunny BC day.

Early 60’s Surf Green Stratocaster


This is a early 60s Stratocaster that we redid in very lightly ambered Surf Green. The neck is also a refine by us.

1960s Fiesta Red Fender Telecaster


Fiesta red is such a ….festive color! Here’s a cool early 60s tele I did for my good buddy Dave Sebree of Austin, Texas