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Mary Kay Strat

Here is a light blonde Mary Kaye strat we just finished that features a Montreux anodized guard. If you look closely you will notice the “halo” effect around the outside of the body… Fender finished many strats and teles in the 50s this way. This guitar has a one piece ash body and a big […]

Sunburst Strat

Here is a 63 strat we refinished featuring a 3 tone burst with lots of red in it.
We incorporated the original wear into our aging job.

Sunburst Tele


This is a bound tele custom I built around  a bunch of old parts I had.
This burst  has a strong red component in it and features oxblood sides like the earlier tele customs.

Tele Bass

Here is an early tele bass with Lake Placid blue finish.

J Bass

Here is a jazz bass done in typical early 60s three tone burst.

1950 Martin 000-18

I don’t work on acoustics very often… but I thought I would include some pictures of a 1950 000-18 we just finished. The back and sides of the guitar retain their well worn original finish… the top finish was pretty much gone so it was decided to duplicate a period correct sunburst on the top, […]

1952 Telecaster

Here is an early blackguard tele we restored for a customer.

1956 Fender Stratocaster

This is a 1956 Strat I did a body-only refin on for Dave Westerbeke of California. This was a difficult one because I had to blend to the original finish which was still present under the pickguard. It turned out real well…Dave says I “hit it right out of the park” …I like that!
I guess […]

1960 Fender Jazzmaster

Here’s an early 1960 Jazzmaster we just finished restoring. This guitar is an example of the faded 3 tone burst (sometimes called a 2 & 1/2 tone burst) that was common on Fenders in 58-60… the red is more of a rusty brown color. A nice variation of the classic Fender finish…

1961 Fender Stratocaster

If you love custom colour strats, this one will have you ” foaming” at the mouth!  This is my 1961 strat done in what is arguably Fender’s sexiest colour…. foam green with period correct desert sand primer. Just a killer look with a funky green guard and authentic lacquer checking. By the way…. if you’re […]